Copy DO’s and DON’T’s


  • Be clear
  • Be specific
  • Be consistent
  • Be natural
  • Be helpful


  • Use jargon or marketing buzzwords
  • Use complicated words
  • Talk about yourself all the time
  • Sound robotic or overly formal
    Bullet points
  • Use one, consistent format so the bullet points make sense
    as a whole.
  • If your first bullet point in a list is a full sentence, the other bullet
    points should be too.
  • End each full sentence bullet point with a period.
  • When using noun clauses, stick to them for the entire bullet point list.
  • For nouns and noun clauses, either use a comma at the end
    of each point and a period at the end of the last one, or skip
    punctuation altogether. This depends on the text layout and what
    looks better. When in doubt, go for less rather than more


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