• Use title case for post titles (h1 headings). For example: How to Come
    Up with a Good Blog Post Title
  •  Use sentence case for all other headings and subheadings h2
    and smaller.
  • For example: Do some brainstorming
  • Use short, meaningful post titles. Avoid vague marketing jargon.
  • Add a short intro paragraph of 1-2 sentences.
  • Use subheadings to break up your article. Get creative! And make
    sure they follow the same style, and tell a coherent story.
  • Avoid long paragraphs. Smaller chunks that make sense as a whole
    are easier to read.
  • Avoid long sentences. To make a point. Always try to cut out
    unnecessary words, or divide a long sentence in two. It’ll read
    easier. Just make sure your sentences flow and make sense.
  • Bold noteworthy points or thoughts. Make them tweetable (up to 140
    characters), so readers can easily share them.
  • Speak directly to the audience in a friendly, conversational style.
    Write as you would speak in person. And read it aloud to check it
    sounds natural.
  • Add a clear and concise conclusion. Sum up what’s been said, state
    your opinion, and ask the reader for theirs. After all, you’re writing for
    them – so strive to spark a conversation.

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